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Seven Estate Agent

About Us

SEVEN ESTATE AGENCY Tanzania Limited (www.sevenestate.co.tz) is a major player in the professional Tanzania Real Estate industry. We are focused entirely on providing novel and affordable real estate solutions and supply of building materials to various diverse organizations in Tanzania and neighboring countries. We serve clients in various sectors in public and private companies and individuals. We have grouped our services into these categories:-
  • Sale of Properties
  • Property Rental Services
  • Supply of hardware and building materials
SEVEN ESTATE AGENT has built a loyal patronage by providing our clients with quality, reliable products and services with efficient, friendly customer service. Our regional network allows us to obtain superior products and services at the lowest process, while always maintaining the highest quality.

We employ and retain very experiences, committed and talented staff around the country. This ongoing commitment to maintaining solid client relationships is what allows SEVEN ESTATE AGENT to be the most trusted name in the real estate industry in Tanzania.

We use our strategic alliances with companies from four countries, namely: Tanzania, China, United Kingdom and the USA. These alliances allow us flexibility and provide a pool of experienced staff with technical skills that sets us ahead of the competition.